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Chinese court net news (yasuda y Fang Qian) recently, vice President of the supreme people's court Luo Dongchuan line to carry out free trade (Hong Kong) in hainan special investigation judicial protection.

, head of the research process, Luo Dongchuan with related department of hainan province, hainan province higher people's court, and in part the grass-roots court on behalf of the discussion, understanding of hainan and judicial demand on the construction of cafta (port), listen to the opinions and Suggestions, to discuss promoting the construction of the rule of law in hainan to build the international first-class business environment, we will deepen reform of the court of justice in hainan, international commercial arbitration, judicial protection of intellectual property rights, etc.

Luo Dongchuan stressed that the construction of hainan free trade area and free trade port with Chinese characteristics is a major decision made by the CPC central committee and the state council, the court in hainan to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary "4.13" important speech spirit, further enhance the political stance, enhance the consciousness of "four", focusing on the top-level design, have the courage to overcome difficulties and solid foundation to promote the further development of all work of the court, power construction of free trade (Hong Kong), hainan to hainan rule by free trade (Hong Kong) to build the international first-class business environment.

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